The skills of knitting and sewing are handy to have during a recession with some people even turning their hobby into a business.

With an upsurge in the interest in knitting and sewing, Patricia Murphy, a novice to this world, finds out more about the growth in popularity.

In these recessionary times, it's certainly no harm to be able to make your own clothes or knit your own jumpers.

Some enterprising individuals have managed to turn their hobby into a business.

Mary Brophy has just opened a wool shop in the middle of a recession. However, she explains that there is a big demand for wool during an economic down turn.

Knitting enthusiasts describe their work and the time involved in making a garment. One dressmaker says that you need a good basic sewing machine starting out. 

However, not everyone is so adept with a needle and thread as Patricia Murphy finds out when she talks to some women on Henry Street Dublin. 

This episode of 'Evening Extra' was broadcast on 25 February 1987. The reporter is Patricia Murphy.