Former Taoisigh Charles Haughey and Garret FitzGerald retire from politics on the same day.

The ending of the 26th Dáil in February 1992 also brought the end of the long careers of two former Taoisigh Charels Haughey and Garret FitzGerald.

Interviewed at his home, Dr FitzGerald has no regrets that his twenty seven and a half year political career has come to an end.

I’ve other things to do with my life and this is the time to do them.

He is aware of the irony that his old adversary Charles Haughey is also retiring from politics on the same day.

There’s a certain appropriateness about it, going together, I suppose.

He first met Charles Haughey in college and since then, they have always maintained a good relationship.

Public differences never lead to any private acrimony of any kind.

The end of 35 years in politics found Mr Haughey in a jovial mood.

Naturally it’s an occasion for a bit of sadness to be here for the last time but on the other hand, I’d have to say I’m very proud of the fact that I did survive here for 35 years.

He relished taking part in the ebb and flow of national life throught his career and is pleased and proud of tributes paid to him on the occasion of his retirement.

I suppose there was a bit of an impish thought in my mind that if they’d been made on many occasions in the past they would have been much more welcome.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 November 1992. The reporter is Charlie Bird.