If you are stuck for a debs escort and have the money, then Daire Fitzgerald could be your man.

Daire Fitzgerald, age 26, has not had a full time job since leaving school but has set up an escort service to make money, with a specific focus on debs and formal events. 

He's tall, dark, handsome and a professional escort.

Reporter Kevin Linehan met Daire at Whites Dress Suit Service where he was being fitted for a suit. Aware that it will take time for people to get used to the concept of hiring a date for a debs. Daire explains how the system works, meeting the client for a coffee beforehand to hear about the type of event and to discuss the costs. 

Daire is investing in a second-hand dress suit at a cost of around £100 but hopes it will be worth it in the long run if his new service takes off.  

However the escort service doesn't come cheap. Daire's fee is £15 and then there is the cost of the suit hire and travel which the girl must cover. And if she wants chocolates and flowers, that will cost more. 

This episode of 'Evening Extra' was broadcast on 16 October 1987. The reporter is Kevin Linehan.