Aertel a new RTÉ service will allow thousands of teletext pages to be accessed over the telephone.

Now viewers can access the huge database of pages via any ordinary telephone, as long as the telephone is in sight of the television. Kate Kavanagh, Managing Editor of Aertel, describes how the system works. Simply call up 777 and dial the freephone number 1800-200-777 and follow the instructions. 

The new system operates by using your telephone allowing access to thousands of pages of information which a normal remote control can't cope with.

Director General of RTÉ, Bob Collins, describes the new service as an important development for RTÉ, as Aertel grows in popularity. 

This enables a combination of the Teletext service and the telephone.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 July 1997. The reporter is Barry Turley.