Protestors against the routing of the M3 through the Hill of Tara stage sit-down protest.

Protestors opposed to the routing of the M3 through the Tara Skryne Valley in County Meath staged a sit-down protest blocking earth moving machinery from leaving one of the motorway construction sites. The protestors claim that the archaeological work along the route of the 50 km motorway is incomplete. They also say that the selection of the route through the Tara Skryne Valley was a fundamentally flawed decision. The National Roads Authority (NRA) says archaeological work has been completed on all but one site along the route and that construction work is proceeding.

Campaigner Debbie Reilly acknowledges that there is a need for a road, but says that the route is wrong as it passes through a landscape that is archaeologically and culturally sensitive.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 June 2007. The reporter is Richard Dowling.