How a Tipperary man adapted after having his legs amputated.

Tommy O'Meara provides a picture of his life and how he manages from day to day. Now 37, he has been married for 13 years, has four children, played right-corner forward for his local hurling team, and lives in a council house.  In 1954 Tommy explains that he had to have both his legs amputated.  

Despite these challenges Tommy has remained active, digging spuds and cutting timber, with the help of local farmers. He gets around with the aid of an adapted "bubble car" and tricycle. He also remains a hurling fan and attends all the local matches.  Tommy also takes responsibility for many of the household chores such as cooking for the children, and gardening. When asked what he misses most about not being able to walk, Tommy responds

I don't miss anything. I'm happy the way I am and I have no regrets.

This report for 'Hall's Pictorial Weekly' was broadcast on 12 January 1972. The reporter is George Devlin.