Witchcraft is and ancient belief. To the witches it is a religion, a craft, and a philosophy.

Witchcraft, in historical and mythological contexts, is the use of supernatural or magical powers, and a witch is a practitioner of witchcraft. Historically, it was widely believed in early modern Christian Europe that witches were in league with the Devil and used their powers for harm. Perceptions of witches have changed over time with a distinction now being made between good and bad witchcraft.

Halloween is one of the eight great festivals in the witches calendar.

On Halloween night witches throughout the world gather to celebrate the festival of Samhain, the festival of death.

The history of witchcraft goes back to pre-christian, pagan times. Followers of witchcraft believe in a presence. The horned god and the mother goddess are the two deity figures of witchcraft, representing male and female aspects. Witchcraft for them is a way of communicating with the spirit of the universe.

This documentary opens with a witch chanting the Halloween ritual at a witches sabbath. We also hear Janet (pictured above) and Stewart Farrar, High Priestess and High Priest of a witches coven in county Wexford, as they engage in a ritual beginning with the casting of the circle.

'Witchcraft' was produced and presented by Pat Feeley and was broadcast on 30 October 1976.