A familiar landmark 106 foot hight chimney on the Bluebell skyline is demolished by explosives and reduced to rubble.

On the site of the old Lambs Jam factory preparations are made for the destruction of the chimney. The demolition team from John J Duffy Ltd had been making the site ready for almost two weeks. Sand bags are placed at the base of the chimney to minimise the impact. Spectators looked on as 33 pounds of explosives were detonated reducing the chimney to a pile of rubble.

A landmark on the Naas Road in Bluebell, Dublin for nearly seventy years the chimney was the last remaining structure of the Lambs Jam factory, which had moved to new premises.

The once proud chimney was reduced to nothing more than a pile of bricks and mortar.

An RTÉ News report was broadcast on 25 August 1981. The reporter is Alan McCullough.