Mrs Gay Patterson Komich from Hillsborough, California donated her ancestral home to the Ulster Folk Museum in Cultra near Belfast, County Antrim.

The Patterson family home in the townland of Drumnahunshin near Whitecross, county Armagh was originally constructed in the 1830s and was occupied by the Pattersons until the last family member Miss Margaret Patterson died in the 1960s.

Gay Komich inherited the property from her aunt Maggie Patterson and recalls first visiting the property and surrounding area in 1929.

Her cousins George and Selina McCullough from Portadown suggested to her that the homestead could be preserved for future generations at the Ulster Folk Museum and she was delighted and proud to contribute towards a piece of "tangible history" for future generations.

It took four years to dismantle the building brick by brick from its original location and to transport to its new home at the Ulster Folk Museum. It was re-built at Cultra and restored as it might have looked in the 1920s.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 May 1986. The reporter is David Ross.