A Wexford Volunteer describes the mobilisation of the Volunteers in Enniscorthy on the morning of 27 April 1916.

Like all the Brigades and Companies around the country, the Wexford Volunteers had received the countermanding order. Meetings were held daily with the Brigade Staff and the Volunteers were told to be ready for action. Guns and ammunition were brought from outlying areas to Enniscorthy.

Finally on the evening of 26 April it was decided that the Wexford Volunteers would make a stand. They would mobilise the next day and occupy Enniscorthy town.

Before daylight on the morning of the 27 April a small group of thirteen Volunteers were mobilised. 

We were the first group to be called and to be armed.

Their weapons were hidden in the garden of the Mission House, the home of Rev. Fr Pat Murphy, who was sympathetic to the Volunteers. After distributing the rifles the small group made their way to the Athenaeum Theatre, Castle Street which had already been occupied and established as Volunteer Headquarters.

Volunteers also occupied the RIC barracks in Ferns.

This interview is an excerpt from the programme 'The Boys Of Wexford', broadcast on Radio Éireann on 11 April 1966. 

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