Desmond Ryan describes how on the evening of Saturday 22 April 1916 the students helped remove the weapons stored in St. Enda's school.

Desmond Ryan, a former pupil at St. Enda's describes the intense activity in the school on the evening of 22 April. Pupils, both former and present had spent the evening removing the weapons and ammunition that had been stored in the basement of the school. Recalling the atmosphere Ryan states,

Saint  Enda's seized with activity and excitement.

Patrick and William Pearse oversaw the operation and remained until everything was removed. As one of the few people who owned a car at the time, Dr. Kathleen Lynn was given the responsibility of collecting the arms and ammunition and bringing them into the city. She was accompanied by Éamon Bulfin, who acted as her armed guard. Bulfin, like Ryan was a former pupil of St. Enda's.

With the work complete Patrick Pearse asked Ryan to deliver a message to James Connolly at Liberty Hall. Ryan remembers that the streets around Liberty Hall were very calm and states

They were not to be so calm when I next saw them on Monday morning.    

Desmond Ryan was a member of 'E' Company, known as 'Pearse's Own', 4th Battalion, Dublin Brigade, Irish Volunteers. He fought in the GPO during the Easter Rising. 

Desmond Ryan was interviewed for the radio series 'The Week of the Rising' broadcast on Radio Éireann, 10 April 1966.

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