A look at the census being compiled by the Central Statistics Office. The 1981 census will be the first full census in ten years.

Reporter Brendan O'Brien presents some of the findings in terms of population from previous census. Mr Lenihan from the Central Statistics Office describes how the questions are formulated. The CSO have received criticism from the Divorce Action Group who are critical of the fact that the marital status section takes no account for separated couples. 

Separated couples will be classified as married

The census forms will go out to an estimated 905,000 households. The first census which involved sending forms to each household was just before the Irish famine in 1841, when the population was 6.5 million.  

This report includes a message outlining to the population instructions on exactly what is involved in completing the census form. 

It's obligatory under law to give the information required and the Central Statistics Office pledges strict confidentiality

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 March 1981.