After receiving a letter from Walton Empey, Bishop of Kidare and Meath, enquiring about how 'The Gay Byrne Show' is put together, Gay Byrne invites the bishop to come and work on the show for a few days.

Having now spent a few days working as a researcher on the show Bishop Empey chats to Gay Byrne about his experience so far. He praises the work ethic of the team behind the show. 

You're up front Gay but behind you is this tremendous wealth of talent and close teamwork and cooperation.

He also comments on the variety and volume of post received by the show each day, which is testament to the amount of trust that listeners place in the show.

From pot-holes in county Meath, up to a gentleman looking for a wife

This episode of The Gay Byrne Show was broadcast on 19 February 1986.