Having being charged with contempt of court for refusing to cooperate with the Flood Tribunal Liam Lawlor TD was sentenced to a week in Mountjoy Prison in Dublin.

Deirdre MacCarthy reports from Mountjoy on how Liam Lawlor will be treated when he arrives. The prison currently holds 550 prisoners and it is no longer overcrowded.  Like other prisoners he will have money, and valuables taken from him on his arrival. It is normal practice that short sentences, like contempt of court, are served in Mountjoy. It is likely that Liam Lawlor will have his own cell in the D-Wing of the prison. 

His daily regime will be the same as other prisoners. Cell doors will be unlocked at 8.15am for breakfast. From 9.15am prisoners participate in work for three hours. Dinner is at 12.15pm and for two hours in the afternoon prisoners can have visitors or use the time to take a shower. Tea is at 4.30pm. Recreation time is at 5.20pm before being locked up for the night at 7.30pm. 

On the day of his release, his personal belongings will be returned to him and he will be free to go. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 January 2001. The reporter is Deirdre McCarthy.