On 30 November 1995 the President of the United States of America Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary visited Northern Ireland. While in Belfast, they met two local primary schoolchildren, David Sterrit and Catherine Hamill.

The children, one Protestant and one Catholic, read a message to the President and the assembled guests at the non-sectarian Mackies Metal Works in West Belfast. It was eight year old Catherine Hamill from the Falls Road who captured the hearts of the President and those present, when she spoke of her dreams for the future and how her life had been affected by the Troubles.

My first Daddy died in the Troubles. It was the saddest day of my life. I still think of him.

President Clinton was so touched by her words that he invited Catherine to the White House where she was his guest at various Christmas events. President Clinton had a special welcome for Catherine and spoke of the future children he wants for the children of Northern Ireland.

A future in which the only barriers they face are the limits of their dreams and that is the future we should want for our children and for all the children of the world.

Later Catherine Hamill joined the President on stage to sing some Christmas carols.

An RTÉ News report by Marian Richardson broadcast on 7 December 1995.