Sr Stanislaus Kennedy explains what will be different about this new service.

Now known as Focus Ireland, Focus Point was founded in 1985 to help the homeless. It grew from a research project conducted by its director, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy. She explains the background to it in this extract from an interview she gave David Davin Power for 'Morning Ireland' on the day of the launch.

I think in general, it can be said that people think homeless people need a place to sleep, so they provide a refuge or a hostel for them. We're interested in homeless people living and enabling them to live. In other words, we're interested in getting people out of the cycle of homelessness as early as possible.

Unlike other organisations, Focus Point would provide an information centre for homeless people and a 24-hour emergency helpline. There would be hospitality available, with low cost good food and two outreach workers on the streets at night.

This edition of 'Morning Ireland' was broadcast on 23 September 1985.

The image above of a homeless man was taken by Mark Boland.