First established in 1890 as a Municipal School of Music, Dublin College of Music celebrates its 100th Anniversary.

'Iris' devoted a programme to the Dublin College of Music's 100th anniversary in 1990. Located in Chatham Row, it was founded as a Municipal School of Music in 1890 and is now the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama.

Musician and teacher Máire Breatnach talks about the students' future prospects. There is a look inside Room 20, the only room in the college where children can practise without being disturbed by sounds from other rooms. The college orchestra are also shown rehearsing.

Deir Breatnach go dtagann an chuid is mó de na daoine chun pléisiúr a bhaint as ceol, mar chaitheamh aimsire nó áis shóisialta.

This edition of 'Iris' was broadcast on 15 April 1990.