"Is this curtains for Cantona?"

On 25 January 1995 Manchester United player Eric Cantona lashed out and attacked Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons with a kick, after Simmons had taunted the French player.

The game at Selhurst Park ended 1-1.

The attack resulted in Cantona being suspended from the game for nine months and ordered to do 120 hours of community service. 

Following Eric Cantona's two-footed lunge at a Crystal Palace fan, which happened within seconds of his being sent off for an on the field kick at a Palace defender, Morning Ireland reports on the incident. There is increasing speculation that the English Football Association will ban him from football for life.

Cathal Dervan, Sports Editor of the Sunday World, outlines the 
transgressions of Eric Cantona throughout his career and says that both Manchester United and the Football Association need to act in order to protect the image of the game.

John Murray reports for 'Morning Ireland' on 26 January 1995.