What can be done to help Irish immigrants living and working illegally in America?

The USA has long been a destination for Irish immigrants. However, the story of Irish immigrants is often one of hidden identities, working in the black economy, and trapped in the country, unable to leave for fear of not being able to return.

Fine Gael spokesman on foreign affairs, Peter Barry, has called for greater government action to help illegal Irish immigrants in the United States.

Peter Barry, accompanied by three other Fine Gael TDs, en route to the US for a five day tour to establish exactly what are the challenges facing illegal Irish immigrants. Peter Barry speaks to RTÉ News about the trip, the proposed Donnelley-Simpson Visa Bill, and the steps that need to be taken to assist the Irish immigrants.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 8 September 1989. The reporter is Micahel Lally.