INLA Leader Dominic McGlinchey was shot and arrested on 17 March 1984. Following his arrest he was subsequently extradited to Northern Ireland.

This reports shows Gardaí outside the county Clare farmhouse where McGlinchey was captured. McGlinchey was wanted by Gardaí after escaping bail. McGlinchey was facing a number of charges in relation to bombings carried out by the INLA.

According to republican sympathisers McGlinchey had been warned to steer clear of the Clare area. It is understood that his two sons, Declan and Dominic, had been spotted in a house in Shannon which was under Garda observation. Armed detectives surrounded the house just outside Newmarket-on-Fergus. McGlinchey and three companions refused to surrender and opened fire on Gardaí. Over a hundred shots were fired in the exchange. One detective, Garda Christopher Power, was hit in the shoulder, and a Garda car and a neighbouring house were hit by bullets.

At one stage Gardai called on Shannon IRSP (Irish Republican Socialist Party) councillor Mrs Bridget McCoskey to appeal to the four men to give up. Later McCoskey arrived at Ennis Garda station with McGlinchey's two sons but they were refused entry. McGlinchey's accomplices were Damien Bird, Ciaran Damery, and Seamus McShane. 

McGlinchey was extradited to Northern Ireland and sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted of murder, a conviction which was later overturned. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 March 1984.