.James Ryan recalls being inside the GPO and treating the wounded James Connolly.

'The Week of the Rising' is a series of eight programmes recalling the events day by day of the Easter Rising 1916, told by the men and women who took part. 

In this excerpt from the programme, medical student Jim Ryan at the age of 23 provides an eye witness account of setting up an emergency hospital in the General Post Office (GPO) on Dublin's O'Connell Street and the events of Thursday 27 April 1916.

James Ryan describes the treatment given to James Connolly who had been shot. His ankle shattered by a bullet on that Thursday afternoon. He provides a picture of the scene at the GPO on that day when there had been much sniper fire.

He was carried in by three or four men and laid on stretcher. He had a very serious wound...His ankle was shattered.

James Ryan talks about the involvement of Padraig Pearse in the Rising and describes James Connolly as an extremely good patient.

'The Week of the Rising : Thursday' broadcast 14 April 1966 Presented by Proinsias Mac Aonghusa.