Over 100,000 counterfeit and illegal prescription medicines, with an estimated value of just under €300,000 have been seized in Ireland, following a week-long operation.

The Irish Medicines Board said the items include sedatives, painkillers, weight loss products, tablets for erectile dysfunction and steroids.

The haul includes over 90,600 individual tablets, 8,100 liquids and 1,800 capsules.

John Lynch, Director of Compliance at the Irish Medicines Board, said that in attempting to buy prescription medicines from websites, not only are the public divulging their personal and financial details, they are also placing their health in very real danger.

This is the seventh international operation and involved the Irish Medicines Board, Revenue's Customs Service and An Garda Síochána.

Authorities from 100 countries participated in the Interpol coordinated initiative, which took place from 13-20 May.

Worldwide, the operation resulted in 239 arrests, with 10,600 illegal websites being closed down.

The Irish Medicines Board says that mail order of prescription-only medicines, including internet supply, is prohibited in Ireland.

No internet pharmacy authorised in another country is allowed to supply prescription-only medicines to consumers in Ireland.

Operation Pangea involved the cooperation of internet service providers, e-payment systems and the delivery network.