UN human rights panel critical of Ireland's 'restrictive' abortion laws

UN critical of Ireland's abortion laws

16.00 A United Nations human rights panel has told Ireland it should revise its highly restrictive abortion laws and said that allegations of abuse of women and children at Catholic-run homes must be better investigated.

New research suggests having an epidural during labour may affect levels of post-partum depression

Epidural 'may cut depression risk'

23 Jul Mothers-to-be who use pain relief during childbirth may have a lower risk of depression after their babies are born, a leading psychiatrist has said.

Under Obamacare employers must provide health insurance policies that cover contraception

Opt-out choice for Obamacare contraception cover

23 Jul The Obama administration is developing a method for religious organisations opposed to contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act to opt out of providing the coverage in their health plans without filling out a form.

The HSE said all future appointees would be paid within Department of Health pay scales

HSE seeks to protect higher pay for some managers

22 Jul The HSE has said it will seek formal approval from the Department of Health to protect higher pay arrangements for some senior health managers in Section 38 agencies, which are above public pay policy.

James Reilly said there were elements of public health which specifically affect children

Department heads to discuss health changes

17 Jul The Secretaries General of the Department of Health and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs are to meet to discuss the most appropriate parts of public health to move to the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

34 medicines could be sold through pharmacies for the first time without prescription

More medicines may be available over the counter

17 Jul The Health Products Regulatory Authority has said there are 12 active substances contained in medicines currently classified as prescription-only that could be safely made available for over-the-counter sale.

James Reilly said Judge Yvonne Murphy 'is ideally suited to this challenging role'

Judge Yvonne Murphy to chair homes inquiry

16 Jul The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs has announced that Judge Yvonne Murphy will chair the Commission of Investigation into Church-run mother-and-baby homes.

The report on end-of-life care made 37 recommendations

Recommendations on end-of-life care

15 Jul A Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children report has said the automatic issue of medical cards should be considered for people requiring end-of-life care.

HIV virus recurs in child who was thought to be cured

HIV recurs in child thought to be cured

10 Jul A baby girl born in the southern US state of Mississippi, who was thought to have been cleared of HIV, has seen her infection return, US scientists have said.