Iran currently has a policy of filtering online content which leaves popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube inaccessible

11 Iranians arrested over insulting text messages

14.37 Eleven Iranians accused of sending insulting text messages about Islamic republic founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini have been arrested in the southern province of Shiraz, according to newspaper reports.

Alex Salmond claimed people who voted No "were misled"

Salmond accuses Cameron of making false 'vow'

21 Sep Scottish nationalist leader Alex Salmond has accused British Prime Minister David Cameron and other London politicians of tricking Scottish voters out of independence by making a false "vow" about granting them new powers.

'Better Together' supporters celebrate the result of the referendum

Scotland votes against independence

19 Sep The Scottish people have voted against independence, with more than two million people choosing to retain the 307-year union with England.

The statement puts an end to months of speculation that Mr Sarkozy would return to the political scene

Sarkozy to return to French politics

19 Sep Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has announced that he is returning to politics, vowing to offer a "new political choice" to disenchanted French voters.

Alan Shatter accused GSOC of seeking to cover up and keeping secret a disturbing level of incompetence

Shatter calls for GSOC resignations

17 Sep Former minister for justice Alan Shatter has called for the resignations of the members of Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission, accusing them of incompetence and a cover-up.

Minister for Finance Michael Noonansaid he is not in a position to encourage Jean-Claude Trichet to attend the inquiry

Banking inquiry group needs to get 'ducks in row'

17 Sep Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has said there should be enough time to conduct the banking inquiry before the next General Election if the group carrying out the inquiry gets its ducks in a row.