In Madrid supporters of protest grouping Ahora Madrid celebrated as the group tied with Spain's governing Popular Party

Protest parties perform well in Spanish election

22.56 Spain's ruling People's Party (PP) has won the local election in the country's capital Madrid but it could lose control of the city council for the first time since 1991, official data with 97% of the votes counted showed.

Move is a blow to President Obama who wants to end the controversial data gathering

US senate blocks phone data collection

23 May The US Senate has rejected legislation aimed at reforming NSA intelligence gathering, a blow to President Barack Obama and others who support ending the bulk collection of Americans' telephone records.

The grounds will be open from 9.45am

Dublin Castle open for referendum declaration

22 May The Upper Courtyard of Dublin Castle will be open tomorrow, allowing people to view the declarations for the referendums on same-sex marriage and presidential-age, on a big screen.

David Cameron backs staying in the EU as long as he can secure reforms such as controlling migration

Cameron expects ups and downs in EU negotiation

22 May British Prime Minister David Cameron has begun his campaign to persuade European leaders to make changes to the European Union before he holds a referendum to decide whether Britain should stay in or quit the bloc.

Some people have objected to the presence of bibles at polls

Bibles at polling stations for 'swearing oath'

22 May After reports of objections at some polling stations this morning to bibles being on display, the Department of Environment has said they are for use in cases where a presiding officer asks a voter with no identification to swear an oath.

Barack Obama said denying climate change 'undermines the readiness of our forces'

Obama says climate change threatens US security

21 May Rising seas and thawing permafrost caused by warmer global temperatures threaten US military bases and will change the way the US armed services defend the country, President Barack Obama said last night.

Israeli border guards at a crossing point into the West Bank

Netanyahu suspends Palestinian travel ban

20 May Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the suspension of a controversial measure banning Palestinians from riding the same buses as Jewish settlers when returning from Israel to the West Bank.

Voting in the same-sex marriage referendum takes place on Friday

Final hours of same-sex marriage campaigning

20 May Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin has said the question of surrogacy is somewhat relevant to the same-sex marriage referendum debate, while Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said the marriage referendum is about extending equality to every citizen.

The talks will take place at Lansdowne House, Ballsbridge, Co Dublin

Public pay talks to resume tomorrow

19 May Pay talks between officials from the Department of Public Expenditure and representatives of 19 public sector unions have adjourned and will resume tomorrow at 2.30pm.