The compensation proposal was moved to Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe for consideration

Virginia in forced sterilisation payout

07.21 Virginia is to pay survivors of a forced sterilisation programme $25,000 (€22,300) each in compensation under a measure approved by the US state's legislature.

Benjamin Netanyahu accused world powers of abandoning a pledge to prevent Tehran from getting a nuclear bomb

US-Israeli row deepens ahead of Netanyahu's speech

26 Feb US officials have said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's outspoken condemnation of efforts to secure an Iranian nuclear deal had injected destructive partisanship into US-Israeli relations.

Frances Fitzgerald made the comments in the Dáil this afternoon

Minister open to automatic guardianship

26 Feb The group that represents unmarried parents has welcomed comments by Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald indicating that she is open to considering automatic guardianship for fathers who are not cohabiting.

By the end of 2014 only 150,000 Syrian refugees were living in EU states

Amnesty condemns failure to protect civilians

25 Feb Amnesty International has condemned world leaders for what it termed their "shameful and ineffective" failure to protect civilians from groups like Islamic State, calling 2014 a "catastrophic" year.

Patrick O'Donovan said the illicit trade had replaced what he called a very nasty political underbelly

'Blind eye' turned to illegal border activity

23 Feb A Fine Gael TD has claimed that the authorities are turning a blind eye to illegal activity in the border area, and has suggested that it is motivated by what he called "appeasement".

For too long, we have given those who might be a threat to our country the benefit of the doubt, Tony Abbott said

Australia announces new security laws

23 Feb Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced a national security crackdown that could deny welfare payments to people seen as potential threats, strip the passports of those with dual nationality and curb travel overseas.

Jack Straw (left) and Malcolm Rifkind have been named in an undercover investigation

Two senior British MPs face cash-for-access claims

23 Feb Two former British foreign secretaries are facing accusations that they were prepared to use their positions and contacts to benefit a private company in return for payments of thousands of pounds.

US Secretary of State John Kerry met his British counterpart Philip Hammond

Additional Russian sanctions being discussed

21 Feb US Secretary of State John Kerry has said the US and its allies were not prepared to play games with Russia and were discussing additional sanctions against Moscow over its role in eastern Ukraine.

Allegations that an Australian couple had abandoned their Down Syndrome baby with his Thai birth mother sparked controversy last year

Thailand bans commercial surrogacy for foreigners

20 Feb Thailand's interim parliament has passed a law that bans foreigners from seeking surrogacy services to end a "rent-a-womb" industry that made the southeast Asian country a top destination for fertility tourism.

The committee heard that parents working a 20-hour week stand to lose €50 a week

Committee discusses single parent allowance

18 Feb The Oireachtas Committee on Education and Social Protection has heard that lone parents transitioning from the One Parent Family Payment to JobSeeker's or other alternatives will be considerably less well off than they were four years ago.