Nigel Farage said 'Let June 23 go down in our history as our independence day'

Farage hails 'independence day'

24 Jun Nigel Farage has called for the referendum day, 23 June, to be declared a bank holiday, saying that it will "go down in our history as our independence day".

Nicola Sturgeon said she will take 'all possible steps and explore all options'

Scottish exit 'democratically unacceptable'

24 Jun Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said it is "democratically unacceptable" that Scotland would be taken out of the EU "against its will" and the option of a second referendum on independence is on the table.

Barack Obama said the US respects the decision of the people of the United Kingdom

Obama says UK relationship endures

24 Jun US President Barack Obama has said the US relationship with both Britain and the European Union would endure in the wake of British voters' decision to leave the EU.

David Cameron will be remembered as the PM who presided over Britain's break with the EU

David Cameron - A Legacy of Division

24 Jun He was the leader who told his party to "stop banging on about Europe", but David Cameron will go down in history as the Prime Minister who presided over Britain's decisive break with Brussels.

Simon Harris said he had received the advice of the Attorney General on the issue

Minister advised bill is 'unconstitutional'

23 Jun Minister of Health Simon Harris has received advice from the Attorney General that Independent TD Mick Wallace's bill to allow terminations of pregnancies in cases of fatal foetal abnormalities is unconstitutional.

The match was diplomatically halved at the 18th

Biden-Kenny clash halved at 18th

23 Jun US Vice-President Joe Biden has said his career is in better shape than his golf game, as he kept his promise to play a round in Ireland.

Donald Trump gave his speech at Trump SoHo, his five-star hotel in Manhattan

Trump calls Clinton a 'world-class liar'

22 Jun Donald Trump has said rival Hillary Clinton is disqualified to run for president and sharply criticised her record on trade, foreign policy, human rights and immigration.

The Democrats stood or sat at the front of the chamber

Democrats stage protest to demand gun control bill

22 Jun Several dozen US House Democrats pushing for action on gun control protested on the floor of the House of Representatives chanting "no bill, no break!" and demanding that the chamber put off an upcoming recess until legislation is debated.

Simon Harris said the current situation is 'unacceptable'

Minister to seek AG's advice on abortion bill

22 Jun Minister for Health Simon Harris has said he is seeking the advice of the Attorney General on the constitutionality of a bill to allow termination of pregnancy in case of fatal foetal abnormalities.

Joe Biden and Enda Kenny had a bilateral meeting tonight

Biden arrives in Ireland for six-day visit

21 Jun US Vice President Joe Biden has arrived in Ireland for a six-day visit during which he is due to meet the President and Taoiseach as well as make trips to his ancestral home places.

The result of the referendum will be known early on Friday

Debate sees Leave and Remain campaigners clash

21 Jun A heated debate between both sides in the UK's EU referendum has taken place in front of a 6,000-strong audience in London with panellists answering questions on the economy, immigration and Britain's place in the world.

A new pay-by-weight system comes into force on 1 July

Bin charge controversy not yet resolved

20 Jun It is understood Minister for the Environment Simon Coveney and waste companies are still holding discussions by telephone to find a resolution to the bin charges controversy and a number of options are being considered.