Comments about Mr Cameron made before he became British PM

Clinton emails claim Cameron reckless over NI

10.33 British PM David Cameron is described as "threatening recklessly" the Northern Ireland peace process when he was in opposition in Westminster, in the latest batch of emails released from Hillary Clinton's private server.

The plane's flight-control computer had a cracked solder joint that malfunctioned repeatedly

Faulty jet part factor in crash that killed 162

14.18 Indonesian investigators have said that a faulty component and the crew's attempt to fix the problem were among the factors that contributed to the crash of an AirAsia passenger jet last year, killing all 162 aboard.

Scientists currently have a voluntary ban on human gene editing

Human gene editing focus of Washington summit

16.00 Scientists have developed an improved gene editing tool that significantly reduces potentially dangerous "off-target" edits, promising an even more precise and efficient system for manipulating human DNA.

A working group report recommended a date for new Seanad arrangements for after the General Election

News in Brief

17.40 A round-up of other domestic and international news.

The Pope has proved an unlikely inspiration for rappers around the world

Pontiff's 'rapper' pose goes viral

12.34 He conquered the United States in September, is just back from a hugely successful trip to Africa ... and now Pope Francis is an unlikely inspiration for rappers around the world.

The Visa Waiver Programme allows 20 million citizens a year to  travel to the US without a visa

United States tightens visa waiver programme

30 Nov The United States has announced changes to the Visa Waiver Programme which allows 20 million citizens a year from 38 countries including Ireland travel to the US without a visa.

Vladimir Putin accused Turkey of being 'accomplices of terrorists'

Putin accuses Turkey of downing jet to protect oil

30 Nov Turkey will not apologise for downing a Russian fighter jet on the Syrian border but Russia should reconsider retaliatory sanctions, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said this morning as he held talks at NATO headquarters.

David Cameron said he would put his plan to Cabinet at its regular meeting on Tuesday.

British MPs to vote on Syrian air strikes

30 Nov British Prime Minister David Cameron is to start the countdown to UK military action in Syria by telling Cabinet colleagues he is recommending a House of Commons vote on Wednesday on air strikes against the so-called Islamic State terror group.