The retailer plans to offer edible insect products in 400 stores across the Netherlands by next year

Dutch retailer unveils insect-based product range

16.49 A major supermarket chain in the Netherlands is unveiling its first-ever range of insect-based products this week, with customers at Jumbo stores in two northern Dutch cities able to purchase 'buggy balls', 'buggy burgers' and 'buggy crisps'.

The compound has been closed to all visitors after shooting

Closure of al-Aqsa 'declaration of war' - Abbas

16.55 Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has said Israel's closure of the al-Aqsa mosque to all visitors following the shooting of a Jewish activist is tantamount to a "declaration of war".

Turkish Kurds celebrate as Peshmerga fighters cross through the Turkish-Iraqi border

US warplanes renew air strikes on IS near Kobane

29 Oct US warplanes renewed air strikes against Islamic State militants near the Syrian town of Kobane as Iraqi peshmerga soldiers prepare to reinforce their fellow Kurds in the border area, according to US military sources.