A refugee from eastern Ukraine walks in a refugee camp in Russia's Rostov region

UN says 824,000 displaced by Ukrainian conflict

11.31 The conflict in Ukraine has driven more than 824,000 people from their homes, the UN refugee agency said this morning, warning that it was having to quickly prepare aid to offset the impact of winter.

The WHO's Marie-Paule Kieny says around 200,000 doses of the vaccine will be ready by the middle of 2015

Ebola vaccine to be rolled out by middle of 2015

18.04 The World Health Organization (WHO) has set out plans for speeding up development of experimental Ebola vaccines, saying hundreds of thousands of doses should be ready for use in West Africa by the middle of 2015.

The man acted alone and there was no apparent link to an attack in Quebec earlier in the week

Ottawa gunman identified as muslim convert

23 Oct The gunman involved in yesterday's shooting at the Canadian Parliament Buildings had plans to travel to Syria and had been in correspondence with someone previously arrested on terrorism charges.

Bellevue is one of eight hospitals in New York equipped to handle patients diagnosed with Ebola

Doctor in New York being tested for Ebola

23 Oct A New York City hospital is running Ebola tests on a doctor who returned to the US from West Africa with a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms, according to the city's health department.