The investigation into the police department began in August

'Racial bias' found in Ferguson police practices

03 Mar The US Justice Department concluded that the Ferguson, Missouri police department routinely engages in racially biased practices, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the department's findings.

A prison officer stands guard in front of Kerobokan prison

Abbott 'revolted' as Indonesia executions nears

03 Mar Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he was "revolted" by the imminent execution of two Australians by Indonesia, as armoured cars apparently carrying the two men left a Bali jail.

A health worker prepares to remove a corpse from a house in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Ebola-hit countries seek economic help

03 Mar The three west African states hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak have asked for help from donors to repair the damage to their economies now that the epidemic seems to be waning.

The Kennedy Centre will host three weeks of performances celebrating a century of Irish arts and culture

News in Brief

03 Mar Round-up of other Irish and international news stories.

Thousands marched in memory of Boris Nemtsov in central Moscow yesterday

Obama: Nemtsov murder 'sign of worsening climate'

02 Mar US President Barack Obama has said the killing of Boris Nemtsov is a sign of a worsening climate in Russia where civil rights and media freedoms have been rolled back in the last several years.