More than 1,040 Palestinians have died in the fighting as well as 43 Israeli soldiers

Israel must prepare for 'lengthy' conflict

22.28 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said his country must prepare for a protracted conflict in Gaza, squashing any hopes of a swift end to fighting that has already cost more than 1,000 lives.

Ukraine officials said black box data showed 'explosive decompression' brought MH17 down

New sanctions agreed against Russia

21.44 Black boxes recovered from downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in rebel-held east Ukraine show shrapnel from a rocket explosion caused the passenger jet to crash.

The salvaging of the Costa Concordia was one of the largest and most complex ever attempted

Costa Concordia arrives in Genoa to be scrapped

27 Jul The wrecked Costa Concordia cruise liner was towed to the northern Italian city of Genoa to be broken up for scrap today, two-and-a-half years after running aground and sinking with the loss of 32 lives.

The clashes are between rival militia groups battling over the city's main airport

Scores killed in clashes around Tripoli airport

27 Jul Two weeks of clashes between rival Libyan militias battling for control of Tripoli's international airport have left more than 97 people dead and 400 wounded, the health ministry said this afternoon.

An IS assault forced the army to pull back late last night

85 Syrian troops killed in Raga

26 Jul At least 85 Syrian army troops were killed as Islamic State fighters advanced on a regime position in the northern province of Raqa.