The former gardaí have also written to the Garda Commissioner

Witnesses' homes 'bugged' without authorisation

01 Mar Two former gardaí have told the Fennelly Commission they witnessed the unauthorised bugging of witnesses' homes and at other sites as far back as 1992, RTÉ's This Week has learned.

RTÉ last month revealed that the administration of the conservation grant would lead to additional costs

No extra funds to administer water grant

01 Mar The Government will not be providing any extra resources to cover the administrative cost of the controversial €100 Water Conservation Grant, despite an insistence from Tánaiste Joan Burton's department that it could not perform the extra work from existing funds.

James Reilly has said he will seek legal advice over the blockage of certain firms from working in his department

Plan to penalise firms backing big tobacco queried

01 Mar Former attorney general Michael McDowell has said he thinks it would be unlawful for the Government to seek to impose blanket bans on legal firms who act for big tobacco from tendering for legal services advertised by the State.

The International Airlines Group is seeking a takeover of Aer Lingus

Labour backs motion rejecting IAG's Aer Lingus bid

01 Mar The Labour Party has overwhelmingly passed a motion calling on the Government to reject a bid by the International Airlines Group for shares in Aer Lingus if concerns about the sale are not addressed.

Joan Burton addressed the national conference in Killarney tonight

Burton defends Labour's record in government

28 Feb Labour leader Joan Burton has defended the party's record in Government and appealed to voters to give her party a second term in government to build "a decade of opportunity".