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Mon. 01 May. 2017

Michael Noonan Custard Pie (2002)

Michael Noonan Hit By Pie 2002

Out on the Fine Gael campaign trail, Michael Noonan is unphased when hit by a custard pie.

Students (1997)

Institute Of Technology To Award Degrees 1997

The government has decided to allow the Dublin Institue of Technology to award its own degrees.

Minister of Health Dr Death (1987)

Stoppage At St James's Hospital 1987

Services at St James's Hospital come to a standstill as unions begin a campaign to end health cuts.


Volunteer Fireman Loses Job

Volunteer Fireman Loses Job 1971

Part-time volunteer fireman loses his job as a cinema projectionist after missing work to fight a fire in Kilkenny.


Easter 1916

The 1956 radio series 'They Remember 1916'; interviews recorded for TV under the working title of 'The Survivors'; and colour footage of the 1966 Jubilee Commemorations.

Eurovision Song Contest

Ireland holds the record for the most wins at the Eurovision Song Contest with 7 titles.

Look Who Visited Ireland in the 60s

When international personalities came to Ireland in the 1960s the new TV station often sent a camera crew along.