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Thu. 02 Jul. 2015

Nelson Mandela Freeman of Dublin

Nelson Mandela Freeman of Dublin 1990

On 1 July 1990 Nelson Mandela arrived in Dublin to fulfil a promise to the people of Dublin.

Roller Disco

Roller Disco Syndrome 1980

The phenomenon of roller discos is synonymous with the 1980s. However, it's not all fun and games. This RTÉ News report from 30 June 1980 looks at roller discos and their associated dangers.


U2 Play Croke Park

U2 Play Croke Park 1985

On 29 June 1985 U2 played to almost 60,000 fans in Croke Park, Dublin as part of The Unforgettable Fire Tour.


Look Who Visited Ireland in the 60s

When international personalities came to Ireland during the 1960s the new television station often sent a camera crew to cover their visit.

History of RTÉ

Moments both significant and minor from RTÉ's past.

Women in Irish Society

From the housewives who washed their husbands' socks by hand in 1960s Dublin to the era of Ireland's first female President in the 1990s.