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Tue. 06 Oct. 2015

Atlantic 252 Logo 1989

Atlantic 252 One Year On 1990

In broadcasting terms, Atlantic 252 jointly owned by RTÉ and Radio Luxembourg, has been a brave venture.

Astronomer Dave Grennan 2010

Supernova Discovery 2010

Amateur Astronomer Dave Grennan has stars in his eyes after making a supernova discovery from his garden shed in Raheny.

Dog Audition For '42nd Street' 1990

Dogs Audition In Dublin 1990

A total of 85 dogs presented themselves at the auditions for the musical '42nd Street' held at the Point Depot in Dublin.


Nixon Leaves Ireland

Nixon Leaves Ireland 1970

In October 1970 US President Richard Nixon and his wife Pat made an official visit to Ireland.


Life and Work of Brendan Behan

Brendan Behan was raised at 13 Russell Street in Dublin's north inner city. He became one of Ireland's best known writers and talkers.

Easter 1916

The 1956 radio series 'They Remember 1916'; interviews recorded for TV under the working title of 'The Survivors'; and colour footage of the 1966 Jubilee Commemorations.

Women in Irish Society

From the housewives who washed their husbands' socks by hand in 1960s Dublin to the era of Ireland's first female President in the 1990s.