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Tue. 13 Oct. 2015

Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter Wins Nobel Prize 2005

Days after Harold Pinter celebrated his 75th birthday in Dublin it was announced that the playwright had been awarded the Nobel Prize.

St Peter's Church, Drogheda

Canonisation of Oliver Plunkett 1975

Irish martyr Oliver Plunkett was canonised by Pope Paul VI on 12 October 1975.


 Bing Crosby Comes to Ireland

Bing Crosby Comes to Ireland 1965

American entertainer's second visit in four months.


Memorable Budgets

Radio, television and online media offer the public a way to learn of budgetary measures and how they impact on everyday lives.

Life and Work of Brendan Behan

Brendan Behan was raised at 13 Russell Street in Dublin's north inner city. He became one of Ireland's best known writers and talkers.

Easter 1916

The 1956 radio series 'They Remember 1916'; interviews recorded for TV under the working title of 'The Survivors'; and colour footage of the 1966 Jubilee Commemorations.