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Tue. 06 Dec. 2016

Viking Settlement and Excavations at Wood Quay, Dublin

Archaeology And Wood Quay 1991

'Jo-Maxi' revisits the Wood Quay protests of 1978 in this report on the importance of archaeology.

Patrick Hillery Inauguration (1976)

Patrick Hillery Sworn In As President 1976

Patrick Hillery becomes the sixth President of Ireland at an inauguration ceremony in Dublin Castle.


'Do the Bartman' on the Toy Show

'Do the Bartman' on the Toy Show 1992

A look back to the Late Late Toy Show in 1992 when the Billie Barry kids performed 'Do the Bartman'.


Christmas Past on RTÉ

The Toy Show, the birth of Jesus, shopping and celebrations overseas.

Weird and Wonderful

A selection of some of the oddities, quirky tales, curious stories, wonderful individuals and bizarre events from Irish life.

History of RTÉ

Moments both significant and minor from RTÉ's past.