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Mon. 23 Jan. 2017

Poitín still in Ballycastle, County Mayo (1979)

The Poteen Makers 1977

Illicit poteen production in Connemara and a proposal to legalise it could provide a much-needed jobs boost for the local economy.

Shay Healy American Football (1987)

American Football And The Dublin Celts 1987

As the 1987 Super Bowl approaches Shay Healy speaks to Joe Moore, General Manager of the Dublin Celts about the increased interest in the game of American Football, and the establishment of a league in Ireland.

O'Connell Bridge School of Driving

Lady Learner Lorry Driver 1977

A woman is instructed in how to drive a truck around St Stephen's Green in Dublin.


Tánaiste Takes A Trip

Tánaiste Takes A Trip 2002

Editor of The Phoenix magazine Paddy Prendiville sheds light on a trip to Sligo taken by Tánaiste Mary Harney using an Irish Airs Corps aircraft at public expense.


Weird and Wonderful

A selection of some of the oddities, quirky tales, curious stories, wonderful individuals and bizarre events from Irish life.

Being European

A look at the nationalities of Europe and what it means to be European.


Moments from the band's career as covered by radio and television.