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Fri. 27 Nov. 2015

Sherrif Street Flats, Dublin (1970)

Friends in Sherrif Street 1970

Patrick Gallagher reports from Sherrif Street in Dublin where he meets a group of young boys who tell him about their lives in the flats.

Meditation in Cork (1970)

Transcendental Meditation in West Cork 1970

Newsbeat delves into the world of the Maharishi and transcendental meditation in West Cork.


Dublin's Teddy Boys and Girls

Dublin's Teddy Boys and Girls 1980

Why be a Teddy Boy in the 1980s?


Easter 1916

The 1956 radio series 'They Remember 1916'; interviews recorded for TV under the working title of 'The Survivors'; and colour footage of the 1966 Jubilee Commemorations.

History of RTÉ

Moments both significant and minor from RTÉ's past.

Before They Were Famous

Irish celebrities, politicians, sports people, actors, singers and performers in the early years of their careers.