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Mon. 24 Jul. 2017

Vatican Statement on Gays

Vatican Statement on Gays 1992

The Vatican has issued a statement which states that discrimination against homosexuals is sometimes justified when it comes to employment, housing and adoption.

Rathlin Island

Crime Comes To Rathlin Island 1997

For the first time in living memory a crime has been reported on Rathlin Island, off the north Antrim coast.


Lorry Lands In Liffey

Lorry Lands In Liffey 2002

A crash between two trucks in Dublin city centre leaves one of the vehicles upended in the River Liffey.



Moments from the band's career as covered by radio and television.

Weird and Wonderful

A selection of some of the oddities, quirky tales, curious stories, wonderful individuals and bizarre events from Irish life.

Nevill Johnson

Images of tenements, markets, shops and children's street games, provide a valuable social record of the everyday lives of ordinary Dubliners between 1952 and 1953.