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Sat. 13 Feb. 2016

Alex Higgins (1991)

Hurricane Higgins 1991

Northern Irish professional snooker player Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins is a guest on 'Nighthawks' .

Conceptual Art of Michael Ashur

Conceptual Futuristic Art 1991

Mike Murphy talks to conceptual artist Michael Ashur about his futuristic art. Ashur describes the thinking behind his work - the technique, use of colour and use of texture.


Beat Of The Feet

Beat Of The Feet 1971

Battering requires the dancer to beat out a rhythm on the floor with their feet.


RTÉ Coverage of General Elections

Television and radio coverage of the 1965 General Election signalled the start of a new era for political reporting.

Easter 1916

The 1956 radio series 'They Remember 1916'; interviews recorded for TV under the working title of 'The Survivors'; and colour footage of the 1966 Jubilee Commemorations.

Valentine's Day

Marking Saint Valentine's Day, a look back at the customs and traditions associated with the 14 February.