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Sat. 17 Mar. 2018

St Patrick's Day Badge New York (1968)

St Patrick's Day In New York And Cork 1968

An Irish New York policeman gets the parade started in the Big Apple. In Cork a Viking ship is popular with spectators.

Patrick and Seamus Caulfield

Medieval Mayo Builders And Farmers 1981

Legend says Chieftan Cromduff was banished to the sea stack of Dún Briste but archaeologists can tell us about the buildings on it and those who lived there.

Tony O'Reilly

Independent Newspapers Bought Out 1973

The Tony O'Reilly controlled Columbia Investments purchases Independent Newspapers.


Getting Directions In Rural Ireland

Getting Directions In Rural Ireland 1972

Local knowledge. Getting directions to Knockanore in County Waterford.


St Patrick's Day On TV and Radio

Take a look back at some of the St Patrick's Day events of the last five decades.

Music, Song and Dance of Ireland

Traditional Irish music, songs and dance from the television archives.

Emigration Once Again

Presented here are some emigration stories covered by RTÉ Television spanning six decades.