Alexis Tsipras (R) faces Greece's President Karolos Papoulias (L) as he is sworn in as Greek Prime Minister

Tsipras sworn in as Greek prime minister

14.38 Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras has been sworn in as Greek Prime Minister after his party swept to power on a campaign to end austerity and renegotiate the country's debt.

Michael O'Lowry said the comment was not meant to be sexist and that it was unnecessary

Lowry defends 'not bad looking' comment

14.16 Independent TD, Michael Lowry has said that he wrote a note to the Taoiseach, published in yesterday's Sunday Independent, asking him to re-appoint Valerie O'Reilly to the board of the National Transport Authority.

A man shovels snow from a footpath as snow falls in Brooklyn on 9 January

US braced for 'historic' snowstorm

13.19 Some Aer Lingus flights between Dublin and New York have been cancelled today due to a snow storm and blizzard conditions affecting the north east region of the United States.

The Northern Irish government announced it will no longer stand over the On The Run letters

Inquest halted over On The Run letter revelation

13.07 The inquest of a murdered father of two in Northern Ireland has been halted after it emerged that a suspect has been wrongly issued with a government comfort letter assuring him he was not being sought by the authorities.

Facebook has refuted the allegations and claim the suit is inadmissible

Facebook case to reach court in April

13.20 An Austrian privacy group coordinating an attempted class action suit against Facebook says the case will reach court for the first time in April.

Mr Modi's custom suit was a point of mockery on social media

India's PM mocked for suit with name printed on it

11.44 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's daring fashion choices have won plaudits in the past, but his decision to wear a suit with his own name printed all over it sparked a barrage of mockery on social media.