Police officers on duty on the streets of Ottawa

PM says Canada 'will never be intimidated'

09.07 Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper has vowed to redouble the nation's fight against "terrorist organisations" after a soldier was shot dead in the capital and parliament was stormed by an assailant yesterday.

Cows emit methane, which is a much more damaging greenhouse gas than carbon

EU leaders to discuss greenhouse gas emissions

09.18 Taoiseach Enda Kenny is travelling to Brussels for a two-day summit of EU leaders, which will be dominated by deep divisions over what targets the EU should set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Air pollution is associated with more than 400,000 premature deaths a year in the European Union

Concern over level of air pollutants

09.16 The Environmental Protection Agency has found that levels of certain cancer causing pollutants in Ireland are significantly above the levels recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Amber Vinson's case had sparked concern as she had travelled on a commercial flight

Nurse in US declared free of Ebola

07.27 A Texas nurse infected with Ebola after caring for a Liberian man who died from the disease no longer has the virus, her family has said.

Local residents watch smoke from an explosion rising over the Syrian city of Kobane

US air strikes kill 553 in Syria - report

09.04 Air strikes by the US-led coalition in Syria have killed 553 people since their launch a month ago, the vast majority of them jihadists, a monitoring group said this morning.

IFA President Eddie Downey said farmers are not prepared to tolerate loss-making prices

IFA plans protest over beef prices

07.42 The Irish Farmers' Association has called for a nationwide 24-hour protest by farmers outside every meat factory in the country from 3pm next Monday to highlight their anger over beef prices.

A team made the device safe at the scene

Viable device made safe in Limerick

07.13 An Army Bomb Disposal Team made safe a viable device in the Knights Court area of Newcastle West in Co Limerick after it was found under a car late last night.

The internal HSE audit was into the Hepatitis C support group Positive Action

HSE audit finds serious breaches in Hep C group

22 Oct An internal HSE audit into the Hepatitis C support group Positive Action has identified serious breaches of corporate governance and inappropriate spending on items, including overseas conferences, relaxation weekends, angel card readings and dog kennel costs.

John Tierney said it was humbling to watch his staff at work

Irish Water chief defends staff bonuses

22 Oct Irish Water Managing Director John Tierney has defended bonuses paid to the company's staff, saying they are doing a fantastic job and it is humbling to watch them work.