The campaign trail - what's happening today?

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Renua calls for stricter white collar crime laws an hour ago Mixed messages for all parties in new polls 13 hours ago From childcare to jobs, parties launch strategies 12 hours ago Poll of Polls Update: Labour, FG falling short 15 hours ago
Gardaí said they will do all they can to apprehend those responsible and are stressing that resources are not an issue

Progress made with hotel shooting investigation

09.33 Gardaí investigating the shooting at a hotel in Dublin that left one man dead and two others seriously injured say they are making progress in identifying some of the gang members involved.

The US said the sophisticated system called Terminal High Altitude Area Defence was needed in South Korea amid an increasing threat from the North

Missile defence system talks after rocket launch

07.40 South Korea has said it and the United States would begin discussion on deploying an advanced missile-defence system to South Korea to counter the growing threat of North Korea's weapons capabilities.

David Drumm faces charges here related to fraudulent loans Anglo made in 2008 intended to help prop up its share prices

David Drumm will not fight extradition from US

10.51 Former head of Anglo Irish Bank David Drumm will not fight his extradition from the US to face criminal charges related to the bank's collapse and has asked the Director of Public Prosecutions not to oppose bail upon his return.

At least 23 people are known to have died in the quake, which struck at about 4am yesterday

120 people still missing after Taiwan earthquake

07.54 Rescuers in Taiwan have pulled more people alive from a collapsed apartment tower today, after a strong earthquake shook the island yesterday, and are still searching for about 120 people still believed trapped in the ruins of the building.

The debate came three days before New Hampshire Republicans register their choices  in the nation's second nominating contest

Marco Rubio struggles at Republican debate

08.30 US Republican contender Marco Rubio struggled at a presidential debate last night at the worst possible time, potentially confounding his bid to emerge as Donald Trump's chief rival in New Hampshire and giving hope to three rivals desperate for a strong showing.

The Taoiseach will be in his own Mayo constituency with Michelle Mulherin in Ballina today

The campaign trail - what's happening today?

09.09 On the first Sunday of the General Election 2016 campaign, Fine Gael ministers Michael Noonan, Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris will hold a press conference in Fine Gael's Media HQ to set out the details of Fine Gael's plans for the abolition of the USC as a core part of the party's Long Term Economic

The blast punched a one-metre hole in the side of the Airbus A321 about 15 minutes after it had taken off from Mogadishu

Recent blast on Somalia airplane 'caused by bomb'

06 Feb A bomb caused the explosion that ripped a hole in the fuselage of a passenger plane shortly after it took off from Somalia's main airport on Tuesday, killing one person, the government has said.

Micheál Martin says Government has "failed miserably on health"

From childcare to jobs, parties launch strategies

06 Feb As the General Election campaign enters its first weekend, the main political parties are launching strategies on issues ranging from childcare, rural development and the promotion of new businesses.