Forget phones, running commentaries and knees in the back - there is nothing so heartbreaking in a cinema as watching a good cast go to waste.

It's hankies at the ready for Thoroughbreds.

This wannabe noir stars Anya Taylor-Joy from The Witch and Split; Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Bates Motel's Olivia Cooke; and the late Star Trek and Green Room actor Anton Yelchin in his final role. 

They're bored - and so were we

That's some line-up of talent, and for the first 20 minutes it looks like you and they could be rewarded. 

Not so.

Set almost entirely in the confines of a mansion, writer-director Cory Finley's funny-how-they-all-meet story sees former classmates Amanda (Cooke) and Lily (Taylor-Joy) forming a hesitant alliance which becomes unnervingly matter-of-fact as the story unfolds. They have murder in mind, and consider local jailbird Tim (Yelchin) as the ideal patsy.

A jarring score is the first alarm bell that Thoroughbreds doesn't know what it's at, and, sure enough, it's followed by scenes which are devoid of tension or emotional investment in the characters. There is no-one to root for here with Amanda and Lily as awful as each other. Disinterest has set in by the halfway point.

Anya Taylor-Joy and the late Anton Yelchin deserved a much stronger script

Finley had the chance to save it at the end with a twist but instead goes for the option that is both dreary and far-fetched.

There's only one thriller worth ponying up for this weekend, and that's A Quiet Place.