This week on Fair City, Carol is taken aback when Karen reveals that she saw her kiss Dan.

Dan is shocked when he finds out Karen knows about the kiss and tries to convince Carol to tell Robbie herself before Karen does.

Carol is taken aback when Karen reveals that she saw her kiss Dan on Fair City

Later, Carol arranges to work in close proximity to Karen and nags her constantly. Karen finally snaps and they have a huge row which descends into a fight, leaving it up to Robbie and a bouncer to break them up.

The drama intensifies when Karen tells Robbie she saw Carol kissing Dan. Karen drops a further bombshell back at the Station when she tells Robbie that he is her father.

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In a moment of weakness Dee breaks down, pouring her heart and soul out to Mack telling him just how lonesome and alienated she feels in Ros na Rún. Can Mack fix Dee’s misery or will she be left down in the dumps? Things are about to get a whole lot worse for Fia as Evan and Máire fear for her safety. Will Fia allow herself to be found or will she stay hiding from her overwhelming problems?

Dee feels increasingly lonely in Ros na Rún

Tadhg and Maggie flood their brains with memories of their past and a possible future together. Will the two have the courage to move forward or back down in fear and regret?

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This week on Coronation Street, Fiz is fuming when she discovers that Tyrone has spent Hope's money on a van for their scrap business.

Fiz is fuming

Sinead is making preparations for Joseph's arrival. She wants him to feel welcome and loved and turns to Yasmeen for advice.

When a subdued Joseph and Chesney arrive back from Portugal they're surprised to see that Sinead has planned a welcome home party. Joseph runs upstairs upset leaving Sinead feeling awful.

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This week on Emmerdale, Robert has Lawrence fooled that he murdered Tim. Lawrence is no indebted to the scheming Sugden, not realising that this is just part of Robert's grand plan to oust the Whites from Home Farm.

Lachlan threatens to kill Lawrence on Emmerdale

Robert enters the next phase of his plan and is about to plant a kiss on Lawrence when Lachlan walks in and is horrified. Lucky is kicked out of the house by his fuming grandad.

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Just when it looks like the Branning sisters might sort things out, Abi tells Lauren that she's pregnant with Steven's baby on EastEnders.

It's the day that Lauren was due to get married to Steven and she marks the occasion by deciding to get rid of his belongings. Will she feel any differently when Kathy begs her to forgive Steven for his mistakes? Later on, Lauren is shocked to find Abi wearing her wedding dress.

Abi tells Lauren that she's pregnant on EastEnders

Elsewhere, Tina's attackers try to steal her purse and the alcohol that she's purchased for The Vic. Fortunately, she manages to escape and get back to the Square unharmed. Sadly, Tina is still shaken and she ends up hitting something in the road.

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Darren, Luke and Jack are in peril and it's touch and go as the paramedics come to the rescue.

Darren, Luke & Jack are still in danger in Hollyoaks

Later in the week, Warren finds Sienna hiding behind his car, unaware that she's carved a 'help me' message into the paintwork.

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On Home and Away this week, Olivia forges Irene’s signature to get money from her trust fund and Beth is rushed to hospital.

Brody’s court hearing sees Scarlett come up against an aggressive prosecutor – will she be able to hold her own and represent Brody with good results? Meanwhile, the arrival of her ex-husband Caleb is dividing her focus.

Olivia breaks Irene's trust on Home and Away

Beth is rushed to hospital after collapsing and finds out that she needs a transplant – will she find a match in time?

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On Neighbours this week, Paige and Jack hit a parenting hurdle and Hamish continues to drive a wedge between Tyler and Piper.

Paige and Jack reach a hurdle

As Hamish continues to subtly make Tyler suspicious of Piper, he finds himself implicated in the Wellness Centre scandal, which spurs Mark on to try to cast doubt about Hamish to Tyler.

Mark’s meddling leads to Hamish setting his sights on taking him down too. Mark isn’t the only one seeing through Hamish however; with Aaron’s doubts growing, leading him decide to do whatever it takes to protect Tyler.

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