This week on Emmerdale, Robert has Lawrence fooled that he murdered Tim. Lawrence is no indebted to the scheming Sugden, not realising that this is just part of Robert's grand plan to oust the Whites from Home Farm.

Robert enters the next phase of his plan and is about to plant a kiss on Lawrence when Lachlan walks in and is horrified. Lucky is kicked out of the house by his fuming grandad.

Lawrence goers for a drink with Robert who spikes it with drugs. Later, Lachlan finds his grandad crashed out on the couch and is disgusted. Looking over him, Lachlan vows to kill Lawrence. Has someone overheard his death threat?

Pete asks Gabby if she killed Emma but Laurel steps in

Meanwhile, Bernice is worried about Gabby whose moods have been off the scale since Emma died. Laurel later learns that Gabby has been buying roses, and then Pete finds flowers and an odd note at the viaduct where his mum Emma was killed.

Pete later tells Gabby to admit that she hated his mum and then asks her outright if she killed Emma, but Laurel steps in before the teen can answer. Are Pete's suspicions right?

Elsewhere, with her marriage to Adam back on track, Victoria is thinking about parenthood again. Adam says they should address adoption again but Victoria's feelings are written all over her face.