On Home and Away this week, Olivia forges Irene’s signature to get money from her trust fund and Beth is rushed to hospital.

Brody’s court hearing sees Scarlett come up against an aggressive prosecutor – will she be able to hold her own and represent Brody with good results? Meanwhile, the arrival of her ex-husband Caleb is dividing her focus.

Beth is rushed to hospital after collapsing and finds out that she needs a transplant – will she find a match in time?

John and Marilyn grow increasingly worried about Raffy’s erratic behavior, which continues to become more destructive as the week goes on. Later, she is delighted when Justin asks her to move back in.

Elsewhere, in order to get money from her trust fund, Olivia forges Irene’s signature in the hopes of giving her business the boost it needs.

Later in the week, Robbo has to make a plan quickly to celebrate Kat’s birthday and when he takes her out for lunch, someone is keeping a close eye on them.