This week on Coronation Street, Fiz is fuming when she discovers that Tyrone has spent Hope's money on a van for their scrap business.

Sinead is making preparations for Joseph's arrival. She wants him to feel welcome and loved and turns to Yasmeen for advice.

When a subdued Joseph and Chesney arrive back from Portugal they're surprised to see that Sinead has planned a welcome home party. Joseph runs upstairs upset leaving Sinead feeling awful.

Joseph is upset by Sinead's welcome home party

Seb's fall leads to a shocking discovery at the hospital... 

Later, the police call to the house to ask Anna about the allegations involving Seb. She says she is innocent and that Seb fell off a ladder but the police remain unconvinced.

Phelan visits Seb in hospital and whispers in his ear that Anna pushed him from the ladder. Seb repeats it to Faye and she calls the police.

Meanwhile, Gary is shocked when Anna lets slip that Nicola is pregnant. Later, David confronts Gary in the cafe and tells him he saw him looking cosy with Nicola. Gary admits that he once kissed her but nothing else happened.