Just when it looks like the Branning sisters might sort things out, Abi tells Lauren that she's pregnant with Steven's baby on EastEnders.

It's the day that Lauren was due to get married to Steven and she marks the occasion by deciding to get rid of his belongings. Will she feel any differently when Kathy begs her to forgive Steven for his mistakes? Later on, Lauren is shocked to find Abi wearing her wedding dress.

Elsewhere, Tina's attackers try to steal her purse and the alcohol that she's purchased for The Vic. Fortunately, she manages to escape and get back to the Square unharmed. Sadly, Tina is still shaken and she ends up hitting something in the road. Tina wrongly assumes that she hit Dave the cat and drives off, completely unaware that she's accidentally knocked over a child.

Meanwhile, Bex agrees to move on from her feelings for Mr Pryce, while Louise ends things with Travis as she finds him too protective.

Later in the week, Lauren reacts to Abi's baby bombshell, while Shakil seeks advice from Kathy and Michelle over Bex's mixed messages and decides to stand up to her.