Hunter is desperate to find Neeta and sees her at school, where he gives her a drawing of them. Furious Mac sees Neeta at the school and drags her into the boiler room.

He hits the boiler in anger but unknowingly loosens a valve. His fury escalates when Neeta shows him the drawing of her and Hunter. Mac sets fire to it, but causes an earth-shattering explosion when the flames hit the gas leaking from the boiler.

Elsewhere, at the Osbornes' and unaware of the devastation, Frankie practices her Cher routine with Johnno.

Meanwhile, Darren, Luke and Jack are in peril and it's touch and go as the paramedics come to the rescue.

Later in the week, Warren finds Sienna hiding behind his car, unaware that she's carved a 'help me' message into the paintwork.