This week on Fair City, Carol is taken aback when Karen reveals that she saw her kiss Dan.

Dan is shocked when he finds out Karen knows about the kiss and tries to convince Carol to tell Robbie herself before Karen does.

Later, Carol arranges to work in close proximity to Karen and nags her constantly. Karen finally snaps and they have a huge row which descends into a fight, leaving it up to Robbie and a bouncer to break them up.

The drama intensifies when Karen tells Robbie she saw Carol kissing Dan. Karen drops a further bombshell back at the Station when she tells Robbie that he is her father.

Elsewhere, Kerri-Ann fails to put things right with Juliet before Mondo returns. Kerri-Ann is forced to hide her surprise of how close Melanie and Mondo have become. 

Damien and Wayne have a wild night together

Later, Juliet wants to prove that she's no longer a child and heads out to the Station for the Halloween party.

When she's refused entry she is determined not to let that stop her from having fun. Juliet encourages Alex to drink Armenian wine and later Mondo isn't happy when he finds Juliet with a very drunk Alex.

After Caoimhe cancels Saoirse's visit last minute, Damien plans a wild night with Wayne as they drink tequila and gets dressed up as the Blues Brothers.