In a moment of weakness Dee breaks down, pouring her heart and soul out to Mack telling him just how lonesome and alienated she feels in Ros na Rún. Can Mack fix Dee’s misery or will she be left down in the dumps? Things are about to get a whole lot worse for Fia as Evan and Máire fear for her safety. Will Fia allow herself to be found or will she stay hiding from her overwhelming problems?

Tadhg and Maggie flood their brains with memories of their past and a possible future together. Will the two have the courage to move forward or back down in fear and regret?

Fia and Pól have developed an unbreakable bond, that is, until she figures out whom he really is. This has the potential to end in forgiveness or tears. Is this news enough to make or break their unquestionable connection?

Another encounter occurs with Berni which sparks the realisation of Briain’s age and Berni begins to feel as though her feelings are out of line and frankly, immoral. Can Berni resist Briain’s efforts of sweet talking her back to where he wants her?