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Episode 1 – The Spark that Lit the Flame

An Irish Army Captain goes on holidays – a strange kind of holiday. To a city where he knows there is likely to be 'trouble'. He arrives as a three-day street battle, now known as 'the Battle of the Bogside', begins. And it changes everything (Ep1/9). Released weekly.

Read: Anna Joyce takes a deeper dive into the first episode - Inside 'GunPlot' - the spark that lit the flame

Episode 2 - Invasion

As tensions continue to rise, the Irish Army is hurriedly moved to the border of Northern Ireland. Is this a sign that Ireland is going to take on the might of the British Empire? One Irish government minister hopes so. And his name is Neil Blaney. (Ep2/9). Released weekly.

Episode 3 - Plan B

A secret plan by members of the Irish Government to import guns into Ireland begins to come together. But forces are gathering in the wings to scupper it. Will the plot survive? (Ep3/9). Released Weekly.

Episode 4 - Muzzy

It's October 1969 and the truth is becoming murky. A plan to buy weapons begins to come together. And a group of men go shopping for guns. But what happens when the arms dealer they meet is actually a foreign spy?

Episode 5 - Deeper

The hunt for guns leads to a meeting in Antwerp with a shady arms dealer. The Minister for Defence issues a directive that could lead to an invasion of Northern Ireland. A group of men wait at Dublin Port for a shipment of arms to arrive. Official Ireland is getting in deeper and deeper and deeper. Released weekly.

Episode 6 - Closing In

Attempts continue to bring black market sub-machine guns and pistols into Ireland. But when an Irish policeman is shot on the streets of Dublin, everything changes. And the forces seeking to undo the entire plot to import guns are growing stronger. Released weekly.

Episode 7 - Implosion

The country is about to wake up to some shocking news. The plan to secretly import weapons is blown wide open and the dominoes are about to start falling with devastating consequences for some of those involved.

Episode 8 - The Trial

A stunning period in Irish life comes to a climax. Four men stand before the High Court, charged with conspiring to import arms and ammunition illegally into Ireland. A Government Minister, an Army officer, a Belgian businessman and a proud IRA man. If found guilty, jail beckons. The entire country holds its breath. Released weekly. (Ep8/9)

Episode 9 - Fallout

More than 50 years after the Arms Crisis of 1970, the effects echo through to today. There was personal fallout, financial fallout, social fallout and political fallout. It was, and continues to be, the biggest political scandal of modern Ireland. So what happened all those involved? Who were the 'winners' and who were the 'losers'? This is where we bring our story to an end. (Ep 9/9). Released Weekly

Further reading:

"The Arms Crisis of 1970 : The Plot that Never Was", by Michael Heney
"Deception And Lies", by David Burke
"Through the Bridewell Gate: A Diary of the Dublin Arms Trial", by Tom MacIntyre
"Thimbleriggers - The Dublin Arms Trials of 1970", by Captain James Kelly
"The Arms Conspiracy Trial", by Angela Clifford
"The Arms Trial", Justin O'Brien
"Jack Lynch: A Biography", Dermot Keogh

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Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh - "Zona Rosa"
Green Day - "Troubled Times"
Blue Dot Sessions - Various
Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor - "Hand Covers Bruise"

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