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Anna Joyce takes a deeper dive into the first episode of RTÉ's essential new podcast series, which revisits the Irish arms crisis of 1970 here

Episode 1 – The Spark that Lit the Flame

An Irish Army Captain goes on holidays – a strange kind of holiday. To a city where he knows there is likely to be 'trouble'. He arrives as a three-day street battle, now known as 'the Battle of the Bogside', begins. And it changes everything (Ep1/8). Released weekly.

Episode 2 - Invasion

As tensions continue to rise, the Irish Army is hurriedly moved to the border of Northern Ireland. Is this a sign that Ireland is going to take on the might of the British Empire? One Irish government minister hopes so. And his name is Neil Blaney. (Ep2/8). Released weekly.

Companion TV documentary to this series airs Wednesday Apr 28th @9.30pm on RTÉ One.