Paul McGuinness talks about how he came to be the manager of U2.

Paul McGuinness, manager of U2, talks about how he came to manage the band and how listeners to the 'Dave Fanning Show' chose the 'A' side for U2's first single. Paul McGuinness explains how he wasn't really in the music business and was only persuaded by journalist Bill Graham and by Adam Clayton to go and see the band. He also talks about how supportive RTÉ and in particular Dave Fanning was to U2 in their early days.

'TV GAGA' ran for two series in 1985 and 1986. Aimed at an audience aged 18 to 30s each programme was presented with a live studio audience and contained a mixture of film reports, live music and studio discussion.

The clip shown here is from an interview with Paul McGuinness from the first series of 'TV GAGA' and was broadcast on 7 June 1985.