Actors David Kelly (left) as Rashers Tierney and Brendan Cauldwell as Hennessy, in a scene from the RTÉ Television drama series 'Strumpet City', during filming in June 1979.

Kelly and Cauldwell are sitting on the steps outside a tenement house on Dublin's Henrietta Street. Both are shabbily dressed in overcoats and hats (Kelly is wearing a bowler hat). Kelly is holding a small terrier dog on his lap.

'Strumpet City' was first broadcast in seven parts from 16 March 1980. The series was set in Dublin between 1907 and 1914. It was adapted by Hugh Leonard from the novel by James Plunkett and was produced and directed by Tony Barry.

The photograph was taken by RTÉ photographer Mary Lee on 1 June 1979.