The Inisglas Trust Community operates an organic farm with animals and 12 arable acres of land centred around the old house of Irish Parliamentary Party leader John Redmond built in in 1836 in Killurin, County Wexford.

The project is part of an international charitable foundation meant provide an island of sanity for those who, disillusioned with modern living, seek to find themselves through balance with the forces of nature. And the seven full time members of the community, along with some visitors are involved in the production of handcrafts and organic farming.

The founder Englishman Anthony Kaye explains that the community members are from different backgrounds and religions but are all bound together by the tenets of Austrian philosopher and social reformer Rudolf Steiner. The philosophy being

To see what unfolds from other people.

The Trust is non-religious and members decide together how to run the place and conduct their affairs. People have space to become themselves but Kaye stresses it is not a hippy organisation.

Free living in the sort of hippy sense I think is not what we are interested in... we have to work very hard and we have to have quite a tight discipline.

The community spreads their word by good example and their natural and organic food sold is sold in their small health food shop in town but ideally they would prefer to rely on contributions rather than monetary transactions.

Trust member Ronan O’Connor was previously a professional horticulturalist in County Cork for six years. He is convinced growing food properly makes people healthier and commercial horticulture is damaging for the consumer.

This report for ‘Summerhouse’ was presented by Áine O’Connor and broadcast on 15 July 1981.