James Tully, Minister for Local Government talks about the reasons why work on the new Dublin Corporation offices has been halted.

One of the main reasons for halting the work on Wood Quay is that to build a block of high-rise offices in the area of Christ Church would dwarf all the buildings in the area including Christ Church Cathedral, and would spoil the skyline of the city.

In addition, a large portion of the old city wall was recently found on the site. In light of both of these factors, Minister for Local Government James Tully feels that it would be a good idea to reconsider developing on this site. 

While James Tully is in favour of rethinking the project, he does make it clear that he still supports the building of a new civic office but in a different location and has requested that the Dublin city manager investigate a list of alternative sites.

Tully is also opposed to the building of residential houses on the site.