The legacy of the leader of the 'Save Wood Quay' campaign and chairman of Friends of Medieval Dublin; priest and professor, FX Martin.

Professor FX Martin died at the age of 77 on 13 February 2000.

The Augustinian priest and professor of medieval history at University College Dublin is remembered for his role in the campaign to preserve Dublin's Wood Quay Viking site.

F.X. Martin, as Chairman of the Friends of Medieval Dublin, had fought to protect the substantial archaeological remains on the site at Wood Quay. F.X. Martin had headed up the 'Save Wood Quay' campaign involving litigation, protests and mass sit-ins. 

However, in 1981 Dublin Corporation won the battle and work began on the foundation of the civic offices on the site at Wood Quay. The Corporation later pursued Professor Martin for almost £90,000 in damages as a result of delays caused by the protests at the site. The debt was written off by Dublin Corporation. Professor Martin also received the millennium award for conservation, an award ironically given to him by Dublin Corporation. 

An RTÉ News report by Dympna Moroney and includes an interview with Wood Quay campaigner Bride Rosney.