John O'Donoghue interviews Professor Herbert Jankuhn about his views on the site at Wood Quay where volunteer diggers have just a fortnight left to work on the archaeological dig.

Dublin's new civic offices rise in front of and on top of Dublin's past. The last bit of land on the Viking settlement at Wood Quay will shortly be covered in concrete forever. Only a few weeks remain of feverish archaeological digging for the archaeology students on the site. Professor Jankuhn recognises the significance of the site not only in Ireland but in Europe. 

Professor Jankuhn comments that "this is the most important place for Viking settlement outside of Northern Europe". He makes a comparison between the finds at Wood Quay to those on a settlement in Heidelberg. 

O'Donoghue comments that "the real place where men and women lived, worked and died will not be preserved... Ireland's historic foundations will have been obliterated for good".