Protesters occupy the Viking site at Wood Quay and prepare for a long stay in what became known as 'Operation Sitric'.

Now the scene of "bitter controversy and confrontation", one of the most important Viking settlements in Europe has been occupied by about twenty prominent public figures who oppose the construction of civic offices on the site and to "prevent the wanton destruction of a unique part of our cultural heritage".

The protesters who include Professor F.X. Martin, feel they have a moral mandate to protect the site.

Despite the fact that much destruction of the site has already taken place Professor F.X. Martin feels that there is still much that could be saved. Martin says that he and his supporters are prepared to stand in front of the bulldozers and not get out of the way.

Operation Sitric lead by F.X. Martin and the Friends of Medieval Dublin went on for 20 days. Among the protesters were Councillors Sean Loftus and Pat Carroll, James Plunkett, Benedict Kiely, Thomas Kinsella and Mary Lavin.