Dublin Corporation claims it has no option but to sue Professor F.X. Martin for costs caused by delays to construction on the site at Wood Quay resulting from the protests.

Dr. Noel Carroll, Public Relations Officer with Dublin Corporation, speaks to RTÉ News about the decision to take a law suit against Professor F.X. Martin. It is estimated that the delays to the work at work at Wood Quay as a result of the protests will cost the Corporation approximately half a million pounds.  Carroll comments "We have no option but to pursue damages on the public's behalf".

In response, commenting outside RTÉ in Donnybrook, F.X. Martin describes himself as "a religious beggar" and says that all he is doing is fighting for "the cultural right of the Irish people".

As F.X. Martin lead the protesters and held the position as Chairman of the 'Friends of Medieval Dublin', Dublin Corporation viewed him as very much responsible for the delays and the costs.