Dublin's north inner city contains the most condensed population of Chinese immigrants in the country and is known to many as Dublin's Chinatown.

With tens of thousands of people of Chinese origin now settled in Ireland 'Nationwide' visits Dublin's Chinatown. The greatest concentration of the Chinese community is in Dublin's north inner city in the area of Moore Street and Parnell Street.

Life in Dublin's Chinatown emulates life in China with Chinese shops, restaurants and gathering places for the Chinese community.

This report features student Penny Bei, Declan Coogan of Portobello College, radio show host Oliver Wang, businessman Paddy Song, Gerry Zhao of the China House Restuarant, and Paddy Buckley of F.X. Buckley Butchers.

A report by Diarmuid Peavoy looking at the Chinese Community in Dublin. This episode of 'Nationwide' was broadcast on 14 February 2005.

'Nationwide' is an early evening magazine programme that brings Irish viewers an eclectic round-up of news, views and events from around the country.