The first Chinese Ambassador to Ireland Madame Gong Pusheng takes up her position in Dublin.

On 2 September 1980 the first Chinese Ambassador to Ireland arrived in Dublin from the Peoples Republic of China.  Madame Gong Pusheng took up the position at a time of change in China with the resignation of the current Prime Minister and mounting criticism of the old leadership and Mao Tse Tsung.  Gong Pusheng
was the second female ambassador in China and the first in Ireland. 

Gerald Barry talks to Emily MacFarquhar, China Correspondent for The Economist Magazine, who comments about the continued knocks to Mao's reputation, regime and leadership commenting that

For over a year now Mao's role in the cultural revolution has been accepted as a disaster.

An RTÉ News at Six Thirty report broadcast on 1 September 1980.