Campaigners for a 'No' vote in the referendum have expressed disappointment with the result and have called for wide ranging consultation, before legislation is drawn up.

On 11 June 2004 a referendum on Irish citizenship took place in Ireland.

The 27th Amendment to the Constitution provided that children who were born in Ireland to non-national parents would no longer have an automatic right to citizenship of the Republic of Ireland.

79% of votes supported the change to the constitution meaning that children born in the Republic of Ireland to non-Irish nationals will no longer have a constitutional right to Irish citizenship. The government had campaiged for a 'yes' vote in the referendum.

The Immigrant Council wants a forum on immigration to be set up immediately to examine all issues arising, while the Alliance for Children's Rights has said the government must now honour commitments made during the campaign to protect the rights of all children.

Filipino immigrants Arnel Kidpalos and Jim Cortez, both nurses, talk about their disappointment with the result of the referendum. Ray Dooley of the Children's Rights Alliance and Denise Charlton of the Immigrant Council stress the need for reform and legislation.

The referendum was held on 11 June 2004 and was signed into law on 24 June 2004.