'The Radharc Squad' tells the story of one of the greatest adventures in Irish television history how of a group of Catholic priests turned filmmakers produced over 400 groundbreaking, influential and often controversial films between 1962 and 1996.

Marking the 50th anniversary of both Radharc and RTÉ, this two part documentary uses the Radharc archive and interviews with key figures and commentators who examine the value and legacy of the Radharc films to Irish broadcasting.

The first part of 'The Radharc Squad' looks at the establishment of the Radharc series and the early programmes made in Ireland. Also discussed is how Radharc showed television viewers back home the work of the Irish Missionaries abroad.The programme also looks at 'Radharc in Derry 1964' a film made looking at the social injustice in that city and why it would not be broadcast for 25 years.